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Va. Will Take Another Swing at Redistricting



    Va. Will Take Another Swing at Redistricting

    Smarting from a gubernatorial veto of their redistricting bills, the House and Senate return Monday from a two-week recess to decide if the General Assembly or the courts will determine how to carve up Virginia's legislative districts.

    Gov. Bob McDonnell rejected the plan lawmakers sent him earlier this month.

    The Republican was especially critical of the plan endorsed by the Democratically controlled Senate, which he said produced rambling, serpentine configurations and sliced up too many communities.

    Senate Democratic Majority Leader Dick Saslaw said the Senate could accept some of McDonnell's recommendations but not others. He wouldn't be specific.

    The House Privileges and Elections Committee met quickly last week to do some of the trimming and tightening McDonnell suggested. The panel endorsed the revised plan on a unanimous, bipartisan 16-0 vote.