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Va. State Employee Caught Gaming on the Job



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    A Virginia auditor said a state employee spent 28 hours of company time over a two week period playing Sid Meier's Civilization IV, a computer role-playing game released in 2005.

    The Commonwealth of Virginia spent $3,500 investigating a state employee for misusing his work-issued computer -- and found out the man had wasted $1,117.20 of government time.

    The Washington Examiner reported that Matthew Bolick, employed as a land use engineer for Culpeper District, was caught spending 28 hours over two weeks playing a role-playing computer game called "Sid Meier's Civilization IV" during work hours.

    From the Examiner:

    From Feb. 16 to March 3, he spent about 28 hours playing the game. He also checked various shopping websites, sports websites, Wikipedia and his children's swim team website, the audit found.

    Bolick's wife, son and daughter were also using his state computer at night and on weekends, the audit found.

    A tipster had complained that Bolick was spending six hours a day using his state computer to surf the internet for personal use. That tip initiated an audit of his computer use, which turned up the misuse. The total amount of waste -- $1,117.20 -- was the result of multiplying the number of hours Bolick spent on the computer (28 hours) by his hourly wage ($39.90), the Examiner said.

    The audit also criticized Bolick for visiting a "questionable website," That site features stories such as "17 Board Games Too Awesome to Exist" and "the Bad Drunk's Guide to Partying."

    Virginia state policy prohibits internet usage that is more than "incidental and occasional." Bolick's role-playing computer game was deemed "excessive personal use on a consistent basis during work days."

    VDOT told the Examiner they were not allowed to discuss specific disciplinary action.

    If you witness a Virginia employee comitting fraud or waste, you can drop the Virginia Department of Accounts a tip at their waste hotline, 1-800-723-1615.