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D.C. Traffic Cam Violations Down in 2011

Fewer camera tickets issued



    D.C. Traffic Cam Violations Down in 2011

    Fewer people received tickets from red light and speed enforcement cameras in 2011 than the year prior.

    Appearing on WTOP-FM's "Ask the Chief" program, Police Chief Cathy Lanier announced that in 2011 there were 420,000 tickets issued. That figure is down from 2010 when approximately 590,000 tickets were issued.

    "That's good for us," Lanier said. "It means people are modifying their behavior, which is going to reduce crashes."

    The chief said the lower figures come in light of more cameras being installed. That includes mobile units, where an officer is sitting in a car. Lanier said those officers who operate the mobile units are working overtime and not being pulled from normal duty.

    "I'm going to leave some of those cars out there because they actually also are a crime deterrent," she said.

    Lanier said there are no immediate plans for additional cameras in parts of the city, but she said the department will keep up to date with new technology when it becomes available.

    In addition to red light and speed cameras, the number of tickets issued for distracted driving was down in 2011. Lanier said in 2010 approximately 14,000 tickets were issued, compared with 12,000 in 2010. She added that while she's unable to calculate exactly how many of those were cell phone related, she believed hand held devices accounted for "a majority."

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