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D.C. Superior Court Has Mice Problem



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    CORRECTION: The rodents are mice, not rats, as stated in the original headline. Exterminators already are addressing the problem.

    D.C.'s Superior Court has some unwanted guests, and they're definitely guilty of trespassing.

    The Washington Post is reporting that building officials are aware of a rodent problem in the building.

    Apparently mice droppings have been found in jury rooms, courtrooms and other places throughout the complex.

    A system-wide email has gone out to employees at the complex letting them know they're aware of the problem.

    Officials have spent $5 million renovating the complex and have exterminators getting rid of the unwanted critters.

    Spokeswoman Leah Gurowitz said construction from the recent renovations may have caused disruptions that led to the rodents seeking shelter indoors.