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D.C. Super-Sizes Its Condoms

City switches to Trojan Magnums for free program



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    DC's free condom program is switching to Trojans.

    D.C. is now a city of Trojan Magnums.

    It's changing its free condom program because young people wanted bigger and better choices, according to the Washington Examiner. The city had been handing out Durex condoms, but changed its mind after getting the results from a youth survey. Apparently, teens and young adults thought the rubbers were too cheap -- and too small.

    Health officials say there's no evidence of that, but the city's HIV/AIDS epidemic is so large that they're willing to spend the extra money for Trojans, anyway. At least 3 percent of DC residents have HIV or AIDS. That's the highest rate in the nation -- a level of infection that is higher than in West Africa.

    Ladies aren't left out in D.C.'s condom blitz. The city is now handing out free female condoms, as well.

    DC Condom Program Changes

    [DC] DC Condom Program Changes
    D.C.'s free condoms get bigger and better.
    (Published Friday, May 21, 2010)

    "We want to support the regularization of condom use citywide," Shannon Hader, the director of D.C.'s HIV/AIDS administration, told the Washington Post. "We are promoting this idea that using condoms is healthy ... to try to destigmatize condom use, not only for kids, but for grown-ups."

    All that clamoring for Magnums might sound like wishful thinking, but a survey by Condomania, a custom condom maker, found that D.C. residents were the second largest in the nation.

    In case you're wondering, New Orleans took the top spot. Dallas finished last, which is proof that not everything is bigger in Texas.