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D.C. Snow Melter Spotted



    D.C. Snow Melter Spotted
    Matt Bechak
    The D.C. snow melter in use!

    The ongoing mystery surrounding the whereabouts of D.C.'s expensive snow melter may be over.

    It's been spotted -- in action.

    Crews were using the massive machine Saturday afternoon to clear mounds of snow from a parking lot at 10th and H streets in northwest D.C.  It had a big sign on it that read:  "SNOW MELTER."    

    So what's the big mystery?

    D.C. Snow Melting Machine Spotted

    [DC] D.C. Snow Melting Machine Spotted
    Crews are spotted using D.C.'s snow melting machine, one week after city officials said it was broken.
    (Published Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010)

    The city bought the machine for $120,000 in 2003, but it wasn't used during this month's record snow storms.  And a lot of people wondered why. 

    Last week, city officials told NBC4's Tom Sherwood that the melter was broken, tough to operate, and not worth using again.  It had been sitting, idle, on the city's public works lot.  Adding to the mystery, the city government also declined NBC4's request to see the machine. 

    Now, D.C. officials have not confirmed if the melter spotted Saturday is "the one."  However, we don't think it's a stretch.   A sign on the side of the equipment read:  "Snow Melter:  Just For You D.C."