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More Than 200 Surrender Safely in D.C.

Hundreds of people turned themselves to avoid arrest



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    226 people participated in "D.C. Safe Surrender program

    More than two hundred people with outstanding bench warrants, probation violation or traffic offenses turned themselves in voluntarily over the weekend in the District.

    Saturday was the first day of the “D.C. Safe Surrender” program. It allows people who are wanted for nonviolent felonies to avoid an arrest.

    People can turn themselves in at any time, but the program streamlines the process with judges and defense attorneys on hand to handle the cases.

    On Saturday, 226 people took advantage of the stress-free process. All but two percent went home the same day. The last time D.C. ran a similar program was 2007. That day, all but 10 went home the same day.

    People have two more Saturdays to turn themselves in: Aug. 20 and Aug. 27 at the Moultrie Courthouse, 500 Indiana Ave. N.W.