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Retrieving Your Abandoned Vehicle



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    BAILEYS CROSSROADS, VA - FEBRUARY 08: A woman walks on the street next to the traffic because a snow clogged sidewalk February 8, 2010 in Baileys Crossroads, Virginia. The Washington area was hit by one of the biggest snowstorms in the history. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

    Many drivers across the region stuck in Wednesday night's snow left their vehicles behind.  Want to know where your car is now?  Here are the numbers to call according to your location.  Authorities ask that callers have their license plate number ready, as well as the make and model of their vehicle.

    In the District:

    Some cars in the District were towed away, while others were merely pulled to the curb. Call 202-541-6038 and have your tag number ready to find out where your car was moved.

    In Maryland:

    Maryland State Police troopers were working with the State Highway Administration and tow companies to remove abandoned vehicles from roadways. If your vehicle was towed from an interstate or state highway, contact the Maryland State Police barrack in the county where it was abandoned:

    - Montgomery County - Rockville Barrack - 301-424-2101
    - Upper Prince George's County - College Park Barrack - 301-345-3101
    - Lower Prince George's County - Forestville Barrack - 301-568-8101
    - Howard County - Waterloo Barrack - 410-799-2101
    - Frederick County - Frederick Barrack - 301-600-4150

    If you abandoned your car in Montgomery County and it wasn't on an interstate or state highway, call the Emergency Communications Center at 301-279-8000.

    In Virginia:

    Vehicles left on the George Washington Parkway can be picked up Thurdsay from one of the scenic overlooks on the northbound side.

    Cars left on interstates and interstate ramps were handled by the Virginia State Police. If your vehicle was towed Wednesday or Thursday from an interstate road or a ramp, call the Virginia State Police Fairfax Division at 703-803-0026 or 703-803-0027

    For cars abandoned on side roads or local roads:

    - Prince William County: 703-792-6500.
    - Arlington County: If you left your car at a meter, it might still be there; if you left it on a roadway that hasn't been plowed, it might still be there; and if the road has been plowed, it might have been pushed to the side or towed. If towed, call Redman Fleet Services at 703-550-0080.
    - Fairfax County: 703-691-2131