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Police Connect 6 Immigrants to "Brown Pride" Gang



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    Authorities are holding 6 accused of having ties to a Hispanic street gang in Annapolis.

    Law enforcement arrested 6 suspected of having national gang ties in Annapolis.

    According to authorities, the six are illegal immigrants, and are responsible for crimes around Annapolis High School and Middle School.  During the arrest, police said they found narcotics on the suspects.

    "Today we significantly impacted an illegal enterprise, which will surely go far in keeping Annapolis safe," Annapolis police chief Michael Pristoop said.  The arrests were a joint operation between Annapolis Police, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Anne Arundel County law enforcement.

    The gang "Brown Pride" is one of several Hispanic Street gangs operating in the Northwest.  The gang originates in California, and has a reputation for retail selling of narcotics in and outside of prison, according to the FBI.

    The six arrested Monday are being held on administrative immigration charges, pending criminal charges.

    This past week, Anne Arundel County school administrators have pushed preliminary plans for a gang task force, in response to the rising number of gang-related incidents.

    In Montgomery County, police officers have begun a campaign to photograph and document tattoos on suspects they believe have gang affiliations.