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D.C. Parking Rules May Change

Night parkers would get a break



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    The District is proposing a change of policy when it comes to night-time parkers in the city, according to the Washington Business Journal.

    The Journal reports the new policy of ticketing will continue, but parkers would be able to ignore the time limits on the meters after 6:30 pm.

    Drivers who park in Georgetown at 7 p.m., for example, would not have to move their vehicles after two hours, but they would still have to keep plugging quarters into the meter.

    People didn't mind paying for parking in the evening, but they objected to the two-hour limit, said D.C. Transportation Department spokesman John Lisle in an interview with the Journal.

    It makes it difficult to do certain things like go to a movie or a restaurant, Lisle said.

    Changing the parking rule wouldn't help evening movie-goers at all, said D.C. Councilman Jack Evans, because they'd still have to leave the movie to feed the meter.

    Evans said he will propose repealing the evening enforcement.

    Lisle said that meters in the high-demand areas will be re-programmed for evenings so that drivers can pay for up to four hours when they first arrive.