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New Traffic Pattern Shrinks Dulles Toll Road



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    There is new traffic pattern for drivers heading eastbound on the Dulles Toll Road.  

    VDOT has narrowed the lanes after the toll plaza from 6 to 5 lanes.  The agency predicts the change will get drivers to commit to a lane faster, hopefully causing less confusion and congestion.

    Before, folks using E-Z Pass in the far left lanes had to quickly jump several lanes to the right to hit the Beltway ramps.  Drivers on the right who wanted to merge left onto 66 towards DC also had to jump several lanes to make their exit.

    Now VDOT is closing the far left lane, reducing lanes from 6 to 5.  The two left lanes will be dedicated to eastbound 66 traffic.  The center lane will be dedicated to I-495 north (Beltway inner loop) traffic and the two right-hand lanes will be dedicated to I - 495 South (Beltway outer loop) traffic.

    The six lanes shrink down to five under the previous configuration anyway. The new configuration, debuting Monday, simply cuts back from six to five lanes a little sooner.

    VDOT says it will monitor the change to see if it's effective.