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More Pain at Md. Pumps Proposed



    More Pain at Md. Pumps Proposed

    Maryland drivers, buckle up for more taxes.

    Another Annapolis lawmaker has rolled out a revenue-generating measure to patch the 9-figure hole in Md.'s transportation trust fund.

    Sen. Rob Garagiola wants to add a 10-cent levy on a gallon of gasoline.  Maryland drivers currently pay 23.5-cents per gallon at the pump.

    This comes on the heels of a proposed 75-cent increase on Maryland toll roads, to help pay for the Intercounty Connector project and other road upgrades.

    Garagiola's proposal also includes an amendment to the state constitution that would prevent lawmakers from raiding the transportation trust fund.  The fund, separate from the rest of the Maryland budget, was established to pay for Department of Transportation expenses like debt service, maintenance, and capital projects.  Over the past three years, $2.1 billion has been cut from the fund to balance the state budget.