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New Report Documents Metro's Woes



    Metro Escalator Problems Persist

    People who ride the rails say it's about time Metro gets its act together. The system is wearing down and that's left escalators out-of-service time and time again. (Published Thursday, July 7, 2011)

    A new report may add to the already mounting frustration over Metro's escalator woes.

    WMATA's monthly report shows that in the month of May, more than 100 of the system's 588 escalators were out of service. The report looks at whether Metro's service is improving, deteriorating or remaining steady. It will be presented to the system's board of directors on Thursday.

    From the report:

    "485 out of 588 escalators were operating in May 2011 (based on hours of available service). This represents a significant decrease from April, with 22 less escalators in operation for the month.  This is a result of large increase in maintenance for inspection repairs and unscheduled service calls."

    L'Enfant Escalator Collapse Surveillance Video

    [DC] L'Enfant Escalator Collapse Surveillance Video
    NBC4 obtained exclusive video of the October 2010 escalator collapse following a rally on the National Mall.
    (Published Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011)

    According to Metro, escalator issues will continue for the next five years as escalators throughout the system need repair and replacement, NBC Washington's Chris Gordon reported.

    On Tuesday, all three escalators at the Foggy Bottom Metro Station were out, Gordon reported. Again Wednesday morning, all three were out, and workers found flip-flops stuck in the escalators.

    Performance ratings are also getting worse in other categories as well.  Bus and rail on-time performance was on the decline, according to the report, and the customer injury rate is up slightly over the month of April.

    No Pants Day a Hit on DC Metro

    [DC] No Pants Day a Hit on DC Metro
    Dozens of riders inside trains at the L'Enfant Plaza station stripped down to their underwear!
    (Published Monday, Jan. 11, 2010)

    Metro is now assigning maintenance teams to the busiest stations. Officials promise to fill vacant manager and supervisor positions by the end of July.

    For a look at the full report, click here.