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Md. Officer Charged in Cocaine Conspiracy



    A female police officer is facing conspiracy and fraud charges. (Published Thursday, March 17, 2011)

    A police officer in Montgomery County has been accused of helping her fiance run an illicit drug operation.

    Delores Culmer, 37, was charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, and fraud in connection with computer use.

    Investigators found that Culmer had searched the Maryland law enforcement database to assist her fiancee in his drug-dealing operation.  Logs of the system revealed that Culmer had looked up the addresses of the girlfriend of a customer that owed the drug dealer money.  After those searches, the girlfriend's two cars were vandalized.  Later, those cars were set on fire.

    Culmer also conducted a search of law enforcement records to locate the address of another "customer" that allegedly owed her fiance money.  That customer's car was subsequently sold to Culmer for $1, motor vehicle records show.

    In an arrest warrant for Culmer, an informant claimed that the police officer had received a $100,000 engagement ring from her fiance, which had been purchased with the profits of his narcotics operation.  Informants also said in the warrant that a Silver Spring house that Culmer lived in was purchased through drug-dealing profits.

    If found guilty of the charges, Culmer could face 30 years in jail.