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McNabb Negotiating With Viking Punter for #5



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    Quarterback Donovan McNabb is hoping to carry his number 5 to Minnesota.

    Donovan McNabb is taking his 230 touchdowns and 36,000 passing yards to a new city, hoping to finally get a little appreciation.

    The first bump in the road - somebody else in Minnesota already wears his signature number 5.

    Chris Kluwe, the Vikings 7 year pro (and Philadelphia native) currently owns the #5 jersey.  Kluwe's willing to give it up, the punter has announced via Twitter, but here's what it will cost him:

    "My price is thus: He has to mention my band Tripping Icarus in 5 news conferences and donate $5,000 to the charity I give to."

    Tripping Icarus is a rock band in which Kluwe plays bass.

    Kluwe tweeted he'd be OK with taking number 4, "since pi isn't an option."

    Punters have a reputation for being cut from a different cloth than most NFL players, and Kluwe is certainly doing his part to keep up that stereotype.

    Former Giants punter Jeff Feagles actually gave up his number twice - once to quarterback Eli Manning, and again to recently incarcerated Super Bowl XLII hero Plaxico Burress.  Manning paid for the Feagles family to go on vacation.  But according to Sports Illustrated, Feagles may have gotten stiffed on his deal with Burress.