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Local Labor Rallies for Wisconsin



    Wisconsin Solidarity Rally

    Derrick Ward reports that workers from the Metro area joined demonstrators from Wisconsin at Dupont Circle to protest anti-union legislation. (Published Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011)

    Hundreds of local supporters of organized labor gathered in Dupont Circle Saturday to show solidarity with union workers in Wisconsin.

    Teachers, nurses, and other public sector workers rallied in opposition to what they called union busting policies being pushed by Wisconsin's governor, Scott Walker.  Workers at the rally say they have experienced similar struggles in negotiating labor conditions locally.

    "The identical issues, the same professions, the same people in Wisconsin that are suffering the consequences of those kinds of policies, are what's being implemented against us," said Joseph Cassidy, an emergency room nurse in a District hospital.  Workers pointed to mandated furloughs for D.C. public workers as a sign of eroding worker rights.

    Rallies like this took place across the country Saturday, put together by organized labor groups and MoveOn.org.

    Although the policy fight has been taking place in Madison, workers at the rally felt close to the debate.  "If you can bust the union in Wisconsin," said Debbie Castro, of Silver Spring, "you can bust it anywhere."