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DC a Terrible City for Car Owners

Survey: People in the District can't drive



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    Traffic makes its way down Pennsylvania Avenue.

    It's not your imagination. D.C. is an awful place to own a car. In fact, it's the ninth worst city for car owners in the nation, according to nominations by the readers of Jalopnik.

    No big surprise there.

    "The traffic is so bad that even the smallest distances are measured in time stuck in jams, not miles," Jalopnik found.

    Very true. But D.C.'s poor ranking isn't just because of the traffic. The survey says it's also because people in this city are terrible drivers.

    "No one there knows how to drive, except for the cabbies, who operate on a completely different plane of existence than every other car in the metro area," the survey said. Let the arguments begin!

    Finally, D.C.'s layout didn't win any brownie points with Jalopnik, which says, "The roads of Washington D.C. seem to have been purposefully designed to confuse drivers and stop traffic"

    But hey, it could be worse. Check out the list of the absolute worst cities for car owners.

    1. San Francisco
    2. New York
    3. Miami
    4. Fresno, Calif.
    5. Boston
    6. New Orleans
    7. Chicago
    8. Hawaii
    9. Washington, D.C.
    10. Austin, Texas