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Great Dane Swipes Five Guys Table



    A Frederick police officer saw something odd on Saturday, even for police work: a Great Dane running down the street, dragging a cafe table behind it.

    The dog's leash had been tied to a table leg at Five Guys restaurant on South Market Street, but that didn't keep the animal from making a run for it.  The big dog was running at full speed, the officer said, and the attached table was bouncing up and down as it trailed behind him.

    The officer gave chase, but the dog moved fast, and managed to elude arrest.  The table dragging behind broke into pieces, but the leash was still wrapped around one of the legs.

    The dog's owner said they'd just moved to the area, and Cliff, their Great Dane, was not completely comfortable in his new surroundings.

    Not Your Average Runaway

    [DC] Not Your Average Runaway
    A Great Dane named Cliff has had quite a day. He got spooked sitting outside a restaurant in Frederick and took off, taking a table and umbrella with him.News4's Jackie Bensen reports on the search and rescue that followed.
    (Published Tuesday, July 5, 2011)

    The owners papered their Frederick neighborhood over the weekend with flyers in search of their dog.  On Monday, an anonymous caller tipped off police, reporting a clanking sound in the bushes along the 100 block of West Patrick Street.

    Officers responded and found the dog, still attached to the table leg.

    Cliff was returned to his owners, who brought the dog into the vet.  The Great Dane had abrasions on his feet and was suffering from dehydration.