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Fighter Intercepts Plane Near Camp David



    Fighter Intercepts Plane Near Camp David

    A fighter jet scrambled to intercept a plane flying towards Camp David on Saturday.

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command said one of its F-15 fighters was dispatched when a civilian airplane was detected flying towards Camp David airspace in Maryland.  The president is spending his holiday weekend there with his family.

    The intruding aircraft was called a two-seat general aviation craft.  The plane was out of radio communication and six miles away from Camp David when the F-15 headed it off.

    Escorted by the fighter jet, NORAD said, the plane was shepherded to Hagerstown, where it was forced to land.  Law enforcment met the pilot on the ground.  Authorities said the plane had been flown out of Salisbury.

    A Secret Service spokesman said the pilot was interviewed and authorities determined it was an accident.