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D.C. Drivers Worst in Country

Allstate ranks the District dead last



    D.C. Drivers Worst in Country
    NBC10 Philadelphia
    Drivers in the District get in an accident roughly every five years.

    We already have the dubious title of having the worst traffic in the nation. Now, D.C. drivers are being labeled the worst, too.

    An annual survey by insurance company Allstate ranks D.C. dead last on its list of safest cities for driving.

    The average D.C. driver goes just 4.7 years between accidents and is 112 percent more likely to get in a wreck compared to the national average.

    Even once you leave the District, the driving doesn’t get much better. Baltimore came in second to last, and Alexandria and Arlington both recorded an abysmal 6.2 and 6.5 years, respectively, between crashes for drivers.

    If you want to improve your odds, move to Sioux City, S.D., which is considered the safest city in the U.S. for driving. Drivers there go 13.8 years on average between accidents.