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D.C. Council Member Puzzled After Minivan Stolen

Vehicle recovered in Rockville



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    Council Member Jack Evans recently had his minvan stolen in Georgetown.

    District Council Member Jack Evans uses his 1999 Chrysler minivan mainly to haul his triplets around town, but last Friday he found himself without his wheels.

    Evans' van was stolen from a street in Georgetown near his home.  The minivan was eventually recovered Monday in Rockville with a busted ignition, but one question remains for Evans:  Why?

    "Why would anyone steal a 1999, kind-of-beat-up Town and Country van?" Evans asked.

    Evans said D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier told him officers see that kind of vehicle stolen often.

    "They use them to commit a crime, and then abandon them," Evans said.  "She said, 'Yours is perfect'" because it is so common and doesn't attract attention.

    Evans said when police found the minivan the thieves had left a lot of junk in it.  Evans is glad to have it back, however.

    "That's my workhorse," he said.  "That's how I get the kids to school."