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D.C. Begins Enforcement of New Red-Top Meters

New parking meters designed specifically for people with disabilities



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    New red-topped parking meters coming to D.C.

    The District will begin issuing tickets Thursday for people who use the city’s new red-top parking meters illegally.     

    The meters are reserved for drivers with disabilities. You can only park at one if your vehicle displays a valid placard or a license plate for people with disabilities.

    About 400 red-top meters are scattered throughout the city.  The majority of them are located in the central business district and areas around federal buildings in Southwest.

    Drivers who park at the special meters will pay what others pay, but they get twice the amount of time posted on the traffic sign.

    The District has been installing the new meters since January, and parking officers have been issuing warning tickets.  

    The new parking system ends free parking for the disabled at all other meters.

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