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D.C. Area Residents Cite Transit Crowding, Maintenance as Priorities



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    A vast majority of D.C. residents say the most critical transportation challenges facing the region are Metro maintenance, roadway maintenance and roadway congestion.

    According to a survey by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board, D.C. residents cited several pressing challenges to transportation in the D.C. region, which include transit crowding, roadway congestion and Metro and highway maintenance.

    They cited the following tasks as ways to improve D.C. transit

    • Metro maintenance (91.4 percent)
    • Roadway maintenance (89.7 percent)
    • Alleviating roadway bottlenecks (85.6 percent)
    • Improving transit access (81.4 percent)

    Sixteen percent more of those surveyed supported an additional funding source for Metro maintenance as compared to highway maintenance.

    Approximately 44 percent of those surveyed said they have confidence in their transportation agencies and 75 percent respect the value of public information campaigns for transportation planning.

    The planning board will create a new draft for future transportation strategies and will make them available for public comment July 24.