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D.C.-Area Drivers Tackle "Terrible Traffic Tuesday"

With schools back in session, and Congress set to return, commuters should expect an extra 10-15 minutes on the road this September.



    The day after Labor Day is often called "Terrible Traffic Tuesday" because it's the day that everyone returns to work and school. News4 Transportation Reporter Adam Tuss has a preview. (Published Monday, Sept. 2, 2013)

    The day after Labor Day comes with quite a reputation around here -- and it's not a good one.

    Dubbed "Terrible Traffic Tuesday," it's the day everyone heads back to work and school. While D.C. public schools and most school districts in Maryland were off for Labor Day, most Virginia school districts begin a new year Tuesday.

    "It's worse and worse and worse.... I mean, it is just too much," said Maryland driver Eric Rodas.

    "Now that school has started, maybe less people on vacation -- I have seen an increase," said commuter Dawn Lovelace from Maryland.

    Lovelace hits the nail on the head. On Tuesday, school will be back in session nearly everywhere, with many back from vacations -- and everyone back on the roads.

    "We'll take the Metro," said Lovelace's husband, Chris Lovelace. "We'll go to Shady Grove and just Metro in."

    But does all the traffic really come back all at once?

    "We will really see a significant difference in traffic on Tuesday morning and that's why we call it terrible traffic Tuesday," said Lon Anderson of AAA Mid-Atlantic.

    Anderson also noted that Congress is coming back soon -- so Terrible Traffic Tuesday is likely to last for much longer than just one day.

    "That could mean another 10 to 15 minutes for the average commute," Anderson said.

    Kuhn Khieu, who drives professionally, knows what's coming down the road.

    "After Labor Day, always, yes... It always gets bad," he said.