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Another Man Accuses Mt. Rainier Officer of Misconduct



    Another man has come forward to publicy accuse a celebrated Mt. Rainier police officer.

    Gene Gilette, 27, has been charged in Prince George's County with attempted murder and a sex offense, stemming from a July 2 at his home in Capitol Heights in which investigators said he shot a man multiple times.

    William Frederick told News4 that he had also been assaulted by Officer Gilette, in 2008.  Frederick said he was involved in a fight at a Mt. Rainier gas station, and was arrested by Gilette.  While in the officer's custody in the back of his police vehicle, Frederick said, Gilette struck him repeatedly with his service weapon in the face.

    Frederick told News4 that the wound was so traumatic that he required a metal plate and screws to be surgically inserted into his face.  He brought a lawsuit against the Mt. Rainier police, which the department settled.

    More Allegations Against Mt. Rainier Cop

    [DC] More Allegations Against Mt. Rainier Cop
    A police officer charged with attempted murder after allegedly luring a young man back to his house is being investigated for a similar incident.
    (Published Wednesday, July 27, 2011)

    Sources told News4 they were investigating another 2008 incident involving Officer Gilette.  In that case, also in 2008, a man was involved in a scuffle at Gilette's house on Glacier Avenue and the officer's gun was fired.  According to sources, sexual contact may have come to play in that incident as well.  No charges have been brought in that case.

    On Wednesday, Gillette was charged with 12 felony counts for the July 2 incident, including attempted murder, sexual assault and false imprisonment.  In the court hearing, a judge ordered he be held without bond.

    There may yet be other victims to come forward, investigators said on Wednesday.

    Arrested Mt. Rainier Cop Held Without Bond

    [DC] Arrested Mt. Rainier Cop Held Without Bond
    Prosecutors say Gene Gillette lured a man to his home in early July and shot him after the man resisted Gillette's sexual advances.
    (Published Wednesday, July 27, 2011)