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D.C. Agencies Fall Short on Performance Goals

The Department of Health came in as one of the "failing" agencies



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    Dozens of District agencies did not meet their performance goals last year.
    According to the District’s own records, as well as an analysis by the Washington Examiner, twenty five city agencies did not meet at least 64 percent of their goals for the fiscal year, which is considered a “passing grade” in D.C. Public Schools.

      “Failing” agencies include the Department of Health (49 percent) and the Department of Parks and Recreation (30 percent). Only four of the 62 agencies reviewed by the Washington Examiner met all of their goals.
    Some agency’s set high, ambitious goals they achieved, like the Department of Transportation’s effort to expand Capitol Bikeshare. The Department of Environment also set a high goal to expand a rebate program for people who purchased more efficient appliances and achieved it.

    Other agencies don’t aim so high. In fact, they aim lower than last year’s goals. The city’s public schools set a 2011 goal to ensure that its students would pass 18 percent of the Advanced Placement exams they took, even though 28 percent of students passed the AP exams the year before.

    The Examiner did a year-over-year review of the analysis and found that most District agencies are not improving. Thirty agencies did worse in 2011 than the previous year, while five kept the same score.