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7-Eleven Robbed by Knife-Wielding Thief



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    A La Mesa 7-Eleven was robbed early Tuesday morning.

    A clerk at a Frederick convenience store told police he tried to stop shoplifters in his store, but instead they brandished a knife and ran him out.

    Frederick Police say the incident happened at the 7-Eleven store on 313 S. Jefferson Street, in the predawn hours of Saturday, August 13.

    A group of males and a juvenile female were observed by the store's clerk attempting to take items off of the store's shelves, according to police.  When the clerk confronted the group, one of the males hit him, and then flashed a knife.

    After the clerk ran away, surveillance video showed the group helping themselves to cash and other items from the convenience store.

    The juvenile female was caught and released to juvenile services, after being charged with assault, theft, and conspiracy to commit robbery.

    Authorities still seek other suspects in the case.  Anyone with information has been asked to call 301-600-TIPS.

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