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Cocaine Drink Boxes Busted Open at Dulles

Boxes weren't QUITE 100 percent juice



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    Although passengers generally need to pay for food on planes these days, flight attendants do still offer a free beverage service - you know, water, Sprite, Coke...

    Oh. Ohhhhh.

    That was Coca-Cola, right? Whoops. Two guys apparently didn't get the message on that one, at least according to customs officials.

    On Saturday night, authorities found more than three pounds of cocaine tucked into drink boxes at Dulles International Airport. There were about six ounces of cocaine inside a bottle of garlic salt, too.

    Gosh, that plane food is just so bland...

    Officers found the cocaine Saturday night in the luggage of two Guatemalan men who were arriving from El Salvador.

    Esteban Gustavo Ischiu Rojas, 44, and Jose Victor Munoz Lemus, 42, presented themselves as couriers on business travel, authorities say. They've been turned over to police for prosecution on drug charges. An immigration detainer was also placed on them.