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Cross-Dressing Cop Impersonator Sought

“Only in Baltimore,” says victim



    The Power of a Positive Attitude

    Baltimore police are looking for a police impersonator who’s been conducting traffic stops. Nothing unusual, right?  Well, this crime comes with a twist: the suspect is a man dressed as a woman.

    Investigators said it happened most recently on Sunday. A man wearing knee-high boots and a shoulder-length black wig stopped a woman and took off with her driver’s license, police said.
    The impersonator apparently has a deep closet. He was wearing a ginger bob-style wig, an oversized police hat and pleated pants that "poofed" at the hips when he pulled over Erin Hartz for a supposed speeding violation last month, reported the Baltimore Sun.
    He looked at Hartz’s license and registration and let her off with a warning, she told the Sun.
    She said the incident reminded her of a John Waters movie and told the Sun, "This would only happen in Baltimore."