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Crime on Metro Down During Summer Months

Down 20% on the year



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    Crime on Washington, D.C.'s transit system fell during months when a spike is usually seen.

    At a time when crime typically spikes, the Metro system saw a decrease in criminal activity across the board this summer.

    According to Metro’s third quarter crime report, which will be presented to the transit system’s board Thursday, major crimes on Metrorail, Metrobus and in system parking lots and garages decreased from July to September of this year.

    On the rails, crime is down 1.27% from last year; parking lots saw a one percent drop; and crime on buses dropped .32% from last year. In fact, the only major crime that saw an increase over the past three months was violent or forceful robberies. Because of the drop, the report says the probability of being a victim of crime on Metrorail is 4.75 per every million riders.

    The recent fall highlights a trend of declining crime on the Metro system. Overall, crime is down 20% from last year. The bus system has seen the most improvement this year, with a 31% drop year-to-date. Rail has seen a 12% drop in crime, and parking lots and garages in the system have seen a 30.5% drop.

    Vehicle thefts are at their lowest point in five years. And the number of robberies is down to its lowest point since 2008.

    Metro officials however, are concerned that there could be a spike in crime during the holiday season. Metro police are stepping up patrols this month at stations near major shopping centers in hopes of deterring crime.

    And there are still stations where crime remains a problem. Over the past three month, the College Park station led the way with the most crime. At least 26 major crimes were reported there, but only one arrest has been made. Southern Avenue, Deanwood, Suitland and Greenbelt round out the top five stations with the most crime. And nine of the top 10 stations are in Prince George’s county.