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Coyotes Roam Arlington, Virginia

County gets video proof of the elusive animals



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    There is now video proof of what many have believed for years: Coyotes are living in Arlington, Va.

    "It doesn't come as a big surprise," said Arlington County Natural Resources Manager Alonso Abugattas. "We were a little surprised at how elusive it's been."

    Evidence was finally captured last week by a camera recording wildlife in the Potomac Overlook Regional Park. Officials said people don't need to be too worried.

    "As far as people are concerned, it's not going to be a big deal," said Abugattas.

    Experts say they animals avoid people, and the key is not to feed them or encourage them to not be afraid.

    "There are some positive things that we think will be in play," said Abugattas.

    He said the coyotes can actually provide a benefit to the eco-system.

    "It's an above average predator," he said. "They're going to start to control what probably is an overpopulation of things like raccoons. They're probably going to eat some of the foxes and possums. Those things feed on ground nesting birds. I hope that means the birds will have a little better chance to recover."