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Cop Breaks Leg Trying To Stop Texting Teen

Scuffle in Anne Arundel County courtroom leaves sherrif's deputy with broken leg.



    Cop Breaks Leg Trying To Stop Texting Teen

    A note to anyone who has to appear in an Anne Arundel County courtroom. Put your cell phone away!

    An Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Deputy broke his leg Wednesday after he got into a scuffle with a young man who wouldn’t stop texting, reports the Baltimore Sun
    Sheriff Ronald Bateman told the Sun that deputies repeatedly warned 18-year-old Demonte Jones to put his cell phone away.  Bateman said Jones refused and swore at a deputy.  After that, Deputy Brian Schwab told Jones he was under arrest and grabbed his clothes.  Schwab’s brother, Deputy Doug Schwab, also went toward him, and Jones allegedly pushed them away.  All three men then fell to the floor, and Brian Schwab’s leg was broken in the scuffle that followed, officials said.
    After the incident, county officials looked at the court’s official cell phone policy. Cell phones are allowed inside the Circuit Court building, but cannot be used in the courtrooms. 
    Jones was charged with assault of a law enforcement officer and other offenses.