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Construction Crews Take Over White House Lawn

President’s mansion will soon undergo major utility system upgrade



    Construction Crews Take Over White House Lawn

    When tourists visit Washington, they often find themselves taking pictures in front of the White House.  But soon, some of those pictures may have some large, metal pieces of machinery in the background.

    The executive mansion has launched the first major upgrade to its utility systems in more than 40 years.  It will require construction crews, rigs and chain-link fencing up around the lawn for the next two years.

    The project will replace the heating, cooling, electrical and fire-alarm systems serving the East and West Wings of the White House.

    On the North Lawn, crews will be digging up and replacing utilities in front of the West Wing.  Then they'll work their way across the lawn to the East Wing.

    The General Services Administration said the utility system in the White House is prone to leaks and service interruptions.

    The whole project is scheduled to run at least four years.