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Confederate Flag Banned in VA Town



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    The flag that once divided this nation is now dividing one small, historic Virginia town. The city council in Lexington, Va., just voted to prohibit flying the Confederate flag on city-owned poles.

    The decision sparked anger among some Lexington residents, who see the Confederacy as a link to the town's past.

    The Sons of Confederate Veterans showed up in force for a rally protesting the ban. Other opponents to the ordinance, white and African American alike, spoke at a city council meeting. One man remained quiet during his allotted three minutes, devoting the time as a moment of silence in memory of those killed in the Civil War.

    Supporters of the ban call the Confederate flag offensive and don't want it associated with their town.

    "The Confederate flag is not something we want to see flying from our public property," said Lexington resident Marquita Dunn.

    Even with the flag embargo in place, Lexington will forever be connected to the Confederacy. It is the town where Robert E Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson are buried. Lee was president of the college now known as Washington and Lee -- where he was laid to rest.

    Residents will still be able to fly their Confederate flags on private property.