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Civil Rights Group Alleges Abuse by Va. Troopers

State troopers arrested woman for refusing to sign traffic summons



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    A Florida organization is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate what it claims are civil rights abuses by two Virginia state troopers.

    The Florida Civil Rights Association claims the troopers used excessive force, racial slurs, ethnic jokes and vulgar language against a Hispanic woman, Marie Ferrer, at the scene of a traffic accident on Interstate 395 in July.

    The group distributed a state police dash cam video showing a scuffle as Ferrer was arrested after refusing to sign a traffic summons. Police question Ferrer's statement that she is a doctor, suggesting she might work at Taco Bell, and make remarks about “burrito doctors” and a “jalapeno” police report.

    The group identified one trooper as Daniel Martin Garasimowicz. The other was not identified.

    State police had no immediate comment.

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