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Circulator to Possibly End Service Up Wisconsin Avenue



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    Public transit to and from Georgetown is already lacking enough that curtailing of any of it is bound to rankle some. But that's just what likely to happen, according to the Georgetown Metropolitan.

    On Friday, Jennifer Altemus, President of [Citizens Association of Georgetown], sent out an alert on the possibility that DDOT/WMATA are considering the possibility of cutting Circulator service up Wisconsin Ave.

    Right now the Circulator travels along M St. from downtown, turns up Wisconsin Ave., and ends its route at Whitehaven St., just behind the British School. This was not always the route it took through Georgetown. Originally it entered Georgetown on K St., took a right up Wisconsin, and turned back to downtown at M St.

    Service up Wisconsin was once attempted to be cut, but push-back from the surrounding community halted that. Taken with cuts to the 30s series buses in past years, these proposed cuts could put strain on those in the neighborhood still waiting on the Social Safeway renovations to be done.