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Cheers! Dry Spell Ends in Damascus, Md.

Restaurant adds beer, wine to menu



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    A ban that's been in place for decades officially came to an end over the weekend in Damascus, Md., when New York J&P Pizza became the town's first restaurant to serve alcohol.

    Damascus was a dry community for decades but residents of the northern Montgomery County town voted to end the ban of alcohol sales in the November election.
    The repeal allows for sit-down establishments to sell beer and wine. While town establishments are still barred from serving hard alcohol, residents are hopeful the move could bring more business to the town.
    New York J&P Pizza became the first to obtain a license and on Saturday actually started selling beer and wine to its patrons. The county's Board of License Commissioners unanimously approved the license earlier this month, according to the Gazette.
    Two other restaurants -- Ledo Pizza and the Music Cafe -- also applied for the new liquor licenses.