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Cheaper Rates for Pepco Customers

MD, DC residents to see lower bills



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    After months of dissatisfaction among Pepco customers, there’s now a reason to rejoice.

    Starting June 1, residential customers will see a drop in their monthly bill.

    Pepco said Tuesday that Standard Offer Service (SOS) supply rates recently approved by the Maryland and DC Public Service Commissions will mean a bill reduction for residential customers.

    The average Maryland customer will see a savings of about 15 percent. For typical customers who use about 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, it’ll translate to a monthly decrease of about $22.

    In the District, the average customer will likely see a drop of about 10 percent, or $10.

    Pepco does not actually generate electricity. The utility company purchases it from competitive wholesale suppliers and delivers it to homes and businesses.

    “This is good news for our customers, who will reap the benefits of contracts, negotiated when energy costs were on the decline as opposed to the present rising of fuel costs,” said Thomas Graham, Regional President of Pepco, in a statement Tuesday.

    With summer fast approaching, Pepco has several other savings tips posted on its site, including:

    • Set your thermostat at 78 degrees
    • Consider using ceiling fans and window AC units
    • Clean or replace AC filters monthly
    • Keep lamps, televisions and other electronic devices away from the thermostat