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Celebrate St. Patty’s Day With Some Stogies

D.C. councilmember wants two events to be exempt from smoking laws



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    For some, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day just isn’t the same without chomping on a cigar.  That’s why D.C. Councilman Jack Evans is pushing for an exception to the city’s smoke-free laws for two special events.

    The first event would be an annual St. Patrick’s Day party hosted by the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick.  The second is an annual boxing fundraiser hosted by the Fight for Children organization. Cigars often play a big role in both events.

    Evans, who has attended the events, tells the Washington Post it’s “perfectly appropriate for both organizations.”

    Evans was able to convince the council to pass a one-year waiver and is now hoping to make the exception permanent.  Evans said the emergency measure is for two nights a year and workers can opt out of working the events.

    Angela Bradbery, co-founder of Smokefree DC, urged the mayor to veto the bill.  She said it would force workers to choose between their health and a paycheck.