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Calls to Air Traffic Control Moments Before Plane Crash

Pilot signals "mayday" and warns, "we’re not going to make the airport"



    An small airplane made these calls to Potomac Air Traffic Control before crashing into a Herndon, Va. apartment. (Courtesy (Published Friday, May 31, 2013)

    Full transcript of the calls to Potomac air traffic control from a pilot, calling himself DC Photo, before his Cessna 177B crashed into a Herndon, Va. apartment early Friday.(From:

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    Pilot: Potomac, DC Photo. Mayday, mayday, engine out. Heading towards Dulles.

    Pilot: We’re heading towards Dulles Airport. We had an engine ... (cuts out)

    Tower: DC Photo Potomac, Roger.

    Pilot: Potomac, engine barely ... and we are heading towards Dulles. Emergency requested.


    Tower: DC Photo that traffic is breaking out. The airport’s about your 10 o’clock in 2 miles. Altitude at your discretion.

    Pilot: Okay, we now have the tower. DC Photo.

    Tower: DC Photo just continue inbound you can turn your discretion and they are (inaudible).


    Tower: The equipment is coming. At your discretion you can turn (inaudible) there is no traffic there for you.


    Tower: DC Photo, when you get a moment, number of people on board.

    Pilot: (inaudible) on board. DC Photo.

    Tower: Fuel remaining?

    Pilot: Affirmative.

    Tower: (inaudible)

    Pilot: Say again.

    Tower: Fuel remaining sir?

    Pilot: Fuel, I think that’s our problem.

    Tower: Understood, Roger.


    Pilot: Okay, I think we’re um, we’re not going to make the airport. We’re heading for a road just before the Dulles Toll Road.

    Tower: DC Photo (inaudible) calling that in.

    Pilot: We’re not talking anymore.

    Tower: Understand.