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Calls for Future Metro Expansion in Fairfax, Pr. William



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    Three Virginia legislators are calling for extensions to Metro’s Blue and Yellow lines in Fairfax and Prince William counties.

    State Sen. Toddy Puller and State Dels. Scott Surovell and Luke Torian sent a letter to Metro Wednesday that stated, “[a] forward-looking Metro system must acknowledge the need for these extensions and anticipate their construction.”

    The letter discusses the possibility of extending the Yellow Line to the Route 1 corridor south of Alexandria and the Blue Line to Woodbridge.

    And BRAC was another big concern for the legislators.

    "The traffic is only going to get worse along U.S. 1 and I-95, especially as the Base Realignment goes into effect," Surovell said in the letter. "We’re talking about thousands more vehicle trips -- the roads can’t handle that kind of volume as it is."

    Torian said that because I-95 is constantly congested, extending the Blue Line to Woodbridge would be a major step toward combating that problem.

    "My constituents are tired of sitting in traffic, trying to get to and from work every day," Torian said in the letter.

    Join the club.