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Calls for Federal Investigation After Bay Bridge Accidents



    Two recent crashes on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, including one that ended with a car in the water, have even those who cross the span every day concerned about safety. (Published Tuesday, July 23, 2013)

    Some are calling for a federal investigation after a frightening crash Friday sent one driver over the Bay Bridge and into the water.

    Morgan Lake, 22, was rear-ended Friday evening by a tractor trailer. The impact sent her and her vehicle flying over the bridge's guardrail into water. Lake was able to swim to a nearby jetty. She sustained non-life threatening injuries.

    Monday, a van and a pick-up truck going in opposite directions collided on the westbound span, sending the driver of the van to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

    "I always say my prayers every time I go across the bridge," driver Kris Kues said.

    Concerns After Several Accidents on Bay Bridge

    [DC] Concerns After Several Accidents on Bay Bridge
    News4's Derrick Ward has the latest on safety concerns surrounding the Bay Bridge after a couple of accidents during the past three days have sent several people to the hospital.
    (Published Monday, July 22, 2013)

    Maryland transportation officials Monday said the bridge is structurally sound.

    "They say it's the scariest bridge to cross in the country but I've never had any issues with it," one Eastern Shore resident said.

    However, AAA Mid-Atlantic is calling on the federal government to investigate the bridge's restraints. They're concerned the barriers - which are supposed to stop a truck - were not able to stop Lake's sedan.

    "We didn't have a situation where a car somehow swerved and went over the bridge," Bruce Gartner with Maryland Transportation Authority said. "There was another vehicle involved and that was a truck."

    The original span opened in 1952, and the second span was added 20 years later.