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CIA Joins Twitter, Shows Off Spook Humor



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    The CIA's first tweet was pretty funny.

    The CIA sent its first tweet from a verified account Friday and showed that spooks have senses of humor.
    "We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet," read the tweet from @CIA.

    And the Twitterverse liked it. There followed a stream of follows and responses, most along the lines of, "We assumed the CIA was here all along." One smart Tweeter asked for suggestions for the best-made tinfoil hat.
    @CIA was quickly trending worldwide.
    The @CIA account has an interesting history. As of June 1, that Twitter handle belonged to "Molly Hale," according to the search-engine marketing blog MarketingLand. 
    Molly Hale is the CIA's "public voice," the agency says, responding to emails, calls and letters to the public. (The CIA 's website has an interview with "Molly" here.)
    Guess over that time, the CIA has become more adept with public engagement than the FBI, for example. Ironic.