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CDC Warns of Swine Flu Season



    As we enter county fair season there is new concern about swine flu. Julie Carey reports. (Published Monday, Aug. 6, 2012)

    The Centers for Disease Control are warning county and state fair attendees to be careful when coming into contact with pigs which can carry "swine flu" or H3N2v virus.

    The CDC has identified 12 cases this summer, including 10 in Ohio. No cases have been identified in the D.C. region. But late summer is typically when local fairs happen, and sick animals may be in attendance.

    While there's no known link between eating pork products and catching swine flu, the CDC recommends the following precautions:

    •Wash your hands frequently with soap and running water before and after exposure to animals.

    •Never eat, drink or put things in your mouth while in animal areas and don’t take food or drink into animal areas.

    •Young children, pregnant women, people 65 and older and people with weakened immune systems should be extra careful around animals.

    •If you have animals – including swine – watch them for signs of illness and call a veterinarian if you suspect they might be sick.

    •Avoid close contact with animals that look or act ill, when possible.

    •Avoid contact with pigs if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms.

    •If you must come in contact with pigs while you are sick, or if you must come in contact with pigs known or suspected to be infected, or their environment, you should use appropriate protective measures (for example, wear protective clothing, gloves, masks that cover your mouth and nose, and other personal protective equipment) and practice good respiratory and hand hygiene