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Bully Choked, Tied Up First-Grader: Mother



    Mother Fears for Daughter's Safety

    Friends of a first grader found her crying and tied to a pole at a school playground. (Published Wednesday, April 13, 2011)

    A year of bullying culminated with a first-grader choked and tied up on an elementary school playground last week, the girl's mother said.

    This week, 7-year-old Jasmine Rorrer is afraid to go back to class at Brookfield Elementary School in Chantilly, Va.

    "I miss it a lot," Jasmine said.

    She doesn't want to talk about why she isn't at school this week. Her mother, Heather Rorrer, said the attack took place Thursday morning.

    "A little boy that had been bullying her all year, came over, wrapped a jump rope around her neck, drug her to a pole and tied her there," Rorrer said.

    Two of Jasmine's friends heard her crying and untied her, Rorrer said. When Rorrer reached the school, she found Jasmine in the clinic with the principal and a substitute teacher.

    "I just looked at her teacher and I was like, 'Where were you?'" Rorrer said. "I just kept saying it: 'Where were you? Where were you?'"

    Rorrer is mortified that no one called 911.

    "Her whole entire face was red -- it had white splotches on it," Rorrer said. "She was holding her throat. When I moved her hand there was abrasions on her neck, where I am assuming the jump rope was."

    At the hospital, bruises also were found on the back of her head.

    Fairfax County police said officers went to Fair Oaks Hospital to investigate a report of an assault involving a child. That investigation continues.

    Jasmine feels let down by her school, Rorrer said. She was told the boy she calls a bully was suspended, but until more is done, she won't send Jasmine back to school.

    "I'm going to keep her home until I'm sure that my daughter is safe at school, and right now with that child still attending that school, she is not safe."