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Pit Bull Pup Survives Hard-to-Believe Journey

Dog needs a home after getting lost in the blizzard



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    Bubba, an 11-month-old pitbull, needs a family after an incredible winter journey.

    The doe-eyed puppy somehow got lost during the Blizzard of 2009 but survived without food or shelter for two weeks. Worse, Bubba suffered two broken legs. Vets suspect the injuries came from getting hit by a car. 

    Despite those injuries -- which will be operated on Saturday afternoon -- the harrowed pit bull found his way back home, to an owner who couldn't afford to keep him.

    Bubba was finally taken in by the staff at Independent Hill Veterinary Clinic in Manassas, Va.

    Bubba the Brave Pit Bull

    [DC] Bubba the Brave Pit Bull
    An 11-month old pitbull wandered off into the Blizzard two weeks ago. The puppy made it back home after two weeks of searching for his owner. He had broken bones and was starving. His owner, loves him, but can't afford to keep him and the puppy now needs a new home.
    (Published Thursday, Jan. 7, 2010)

    "He was out in the snow and the wind and the cold," said office manager Sherry Meier. "We believe he was hit by a car. Somehow, through his will to survive, he dragged his way home."

    Veterinarian Susan Steinkamp said he had lost 20 pounds while stranded and survived by eating snow and drinking from freezing puddles.

    "When he came in, his temperature was 93 degrees. That alone was life-threatening," said Steinkamp. "We had to get his temperature up to get him to the point where his body could repair itself from all the injuries."

    The staff at the vet's office have Bubba housed in their treatment center in order to constantly monitor him, but they need help in order to pay for his mounting medical costs. They are also trying to find the puppy a home.

    "Even though he has been frozen and broken and starved, he’s always been very sweet," said Steinkamp.

    If you are interested in adopting Bubba you can call 703-594-3324. You can also send donation to help Bubba by going to www.paypal.com. Click the "Send Money" link and enter sadsac01@yahoo.com.

    Click here for more information about helping Bubba.