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Brindle's Mystery Revealed

quite a dog-gone tale



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    Brindle now and Brindle then.

    The story of Brindle, the dog who disappeared for a decade before being reunited with his Virginia owner, is now a bit more complete.  That lost decade isn't so hazy any more.  Brindle's interim owner has stepped forward, and was reunited with the dog he, too, had to give up, says

    Earlier this month, we wrote about Brindle's journey from Oklahoma to Virginia.  Brindle, who never met a door or fence he didn't want to run through, repeatedly escaped from Gary Rowley's house in Spotsylvania County.  Rowley, unable to keep poor Brindle from wandering off, gave the dog up for adoption.

    The story picked up when Brindle was found in Oklahoma in September, wandering around as a stray.  A microchip that had been planted in the dog showed that Rowley was his original owner, and the two were reunited to much fanfare.

    But the story didn't end there.   Upon seeing the dog's picture in the news, Myrtle Lynch recognized the lovable little bundle of fuzz.  That was her son's dog, Thunder, she thought.

    Brindle, Owner Together Again After 10 Years

    [DC] Brindle, Owner Together Again After 10 Years
    Brindle is reunited with his owner after 10 years on the run.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 2, 2009)

    It was.

    And with it, the mystery of how the dog ended up in Oklahoma was solved.

    John Lynch had adopted the dog from a Virginia shelter in 1999, soon after Brindle's original owner gave him up.  When military service transferred him to Oklahoma, he left the dog with his mother.  But as had happened with the dog's other owner, it's repeated break-out attempts were too much for her.  She had her son take the dog back to Oklahoma with him.

    Microchip Helps Reunite Dog with Owner

    [DC] Microchip Helps Reunite Dog with Owner
    A dog went missing from Frederickburg, Virginia and was found in Oklahoma after ten years.
    (Published Friday, Oct. 2, 2009)

    When he was later transferred to Okinawa, Lynch was forced to leave the dog with friends in Oklahoma.  While he doesn't know what happened from there, it's likely, given the dog's running ways, that he broke free from them before being found wandering the streets.

    The two owners met this week, with a happy little dog between them.  The paper notes that Lynch isn't trying to re-claim the dog.  He just wanted to make sure that his old friend was OK, and that he was going to be well cared for.

    It's still a happy ending, just with a little bit less mystery now.