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Fight Over Boxer Girl in the District

Some Bloomingdale Residents Fight "Boxer Girl" Mural



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    Artwork or eyesore?

    Some residents in the District's Bloomingdale neighborhood said they feel "sucker punched" by a massive mural that stretches three stories high.

    It was painted on the side of a rowhouse at First and W streets in Northwest.  The city's Arts and Humanities Commission paid local artist Lisa Thalhammer $10,000 in grant money to paint the artwork over the summer.

    Now, complaints are growing to have Boxer Girl knocked out of the neighborhood.

    Boxer Girl's big stars and bright rainbow streaks are an eyesore, some residents said, and her image, complete with a black eye, is too violent. 

    Other residents said they have no problem with the mural and believe the homeowner should be able to keep it up.

    The head of the community's civic association wants the mural either "softened" to not appear so bold and "violent" or be taken down altogether.

    The homeowner, Veronica Jackson, told NBC4 she has no plans to touch over the mural. 

    Thalhammer said she would consider any alteration of the work "censorship."