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Bowie Student Accused of Murder Out on Bond

Alexis Simpson, accused of stabbing her roomate to death, was released on bond



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    L: Mugshot of suspect Alexis D. Simpson. R: Victim Dominique T. Frazier.

    The Bowie State University student accused of stabbing her roommate to death was released on a $250,000 bond.

    Alexis Simpson, 19, was living with her roommate Dominique Frazier, 18, for three weeks in an on-campus apartment last September.

    Witnesses told police they had been with Frazier and Simpson in their room the night the victim was allegedly stabbed to death.

    They said they were getting ready to go to a comedy show when the incident began with Simpson turning off Frazier’s iPod. Witnesses say they asked Simpson to turn the music back on but she refused.

    Police say Frazier then came out of her bedroom and began to argue with Simpson. The two began to fight physically and a witness was injured in an attempt to separate them.

    Witnesses say they Simpson into her room and shut the door behind her. 

    A few moments later, witnesses say Simpson emerged from her room holding what looked like a knife. She entered Fraziers’s room and swung her arm towards the victim, cutting her in the throat.

    Police say the victim walked out of the apartment and into the hallway, where she collapsed. University police found her unconscious and bleeding from the upper torso.

    Officials believe Simpson left the campus at that point.

    Frazier was taken to the Prince George’s Hospital Center and pronounced dead later that evening. Simpson turned herself into police soon after.

    A judge released Simpson on a $250,000 bond during an April 5 hearing. Simpson’s lawyers say the bond signals support of her claim that the killing was in self-defense.

    The bond requires Simpson be confined to her mother’s District Heights home and that she not see any visitors.

    Simpson’s trail is set to begin August.