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Bowie State Marching Band Director Resigns Following Hazing Investigation

Band members said they were paddled, harassed and ridiculed



    Bowie State Band Members Upset Over Director's Resignation

    A criminal investigation is underway on the Bowie State University campus after allegations of hazing surfaced earlier this month. The university announced the Symphony of Soul Band has been put on probation for one year and its director is no longer with the university. News4's Cory Smith talked with band members. (Published Friday, Nov. 30, 2018)

    Bowie State University's band director resigned, and the band was placed on a year's probation, following a hazing investigation.

    The investigation found Symphony of Soul Band members violated university policy on hazing and the student code of conduct by using physical discipline for conduct infractions and requiring new band members to provide service for other band members. Members said they were paddled, harassed and ridiculed.

    The campus police department has opened an investigation.

    Investigators reviewed documents, video and written communication and found hazing was prevalent and band director Dr. Adolph Wright knew about it.

    Bowie State Marching Band Suspended

    [DC] Bowie State Marching Band Suspended

    Bowie State University has suspended its Symphony of Soul Band after claims of hazing within the band. News4's Shomari Stone reports.

    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018)

    Many members of the band expressed disappointment and became emotional Friday.

    “Our family has lost its father,” said senior drum major Broderick Pitts.

    He said Wright was more than just a band leader.

    “For myself, who has lost every male figure in my biological family, Dr. Wright is the leader for me,” he said. “He is the male figure in my life, and a bunch of other people can say the same thing.”

    Before Wright handed in his resignation, the university released a statement saying he was placed on administrative leave.

    The band was placed on a year's probation. While on probation, the band will not be allowed to take overnight trips, and the 2019 summer band camp will be canceled.

    Bowie State Marching Band Suspended Amid Hazing Allegations

    [DC] Bowie State Marching Band Suspended Amid Hazing Allegations

    Bowie State University in Maryland says its marching band has been suspended in the wake of hazing allegations against the group. News4's Cory Smith reports.

    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018)

    No new students will be allowed to join the band until fall of 2020.

    Assistant band director Billy Bennett was appointed acting band director while a search for a new director is conducted.

    University President Aminta H. Breaux said in a statement the anti-hazing training currently provided to the band will be enhanced.

    “When you begin to create that culture of dependency where people lose their individuality, and now it’s all about the group, and you saw the group, and we’ve got to come back from that and help them understand what that hazing means,” Breaux said. “It create a culture that is not a good thing to have.”

    The band was suspended Nov. 2 in the wake of allegations against the group. No members of the band have been disciplined, but that could change with the results of the investigation.

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